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Introducing Soroban

Soroban is a smart contracts platform that is designed with purpose and built to perform. The futurenet has launched! Start experimenting and earning rewards now!

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Designed For

Batteries-Included Developer Experience

  • A local sandbox for fast setup and iterative development
  • Plug-and-play SDKs for simple and complex authorization
  • Flexibility to reuse common functionality between contracts and access to built-in/out-of-the box contracts
  • Written in Rust from end-to-end, for Rust developers, which taps into a growing ecosystem of safe and efficient tooling


  • Transaction footprints allow scaling to multiple cores
  • Contracts without deserialization / serialization loops
  • A calibrated fee model that represents compute and maximizes throughput while reducing cost
  • Solving state bloat: the elephant in the room

Access to Financial Rails via Stellar

  • Stellar speed and reliability – with 5 seconds to finality per contract
  • On a proven network that has been live since 2015 and is processing 150 tps as we speak
  • A global anchor network of on/off ramps and assets, including worldwide cash access

Tinker & Earn Rewards

Sorobanathon: First Light

Between now and December 15, 2022, join Sorobanathon: First Light. Experiment with Soroban and submit a code example, issue, tutorial, blog post, or video documenting your experience. Qualified submissions will receive awards of 250-3,000 XLM. It's a fun, low-lift way to learn, test things out, and provide valuable feedback to both the Soroban development team and the Soroban ecosystem as a whole. Let's bootstrap this thing together!

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Sorobanathon: First Light is the first of many programs that draws from the $100M Soroban Adoption Fund, which the Stellar Development Foundation created to support the growth and development of the Soroban ecosystem. We'll be sharing more about additional Adoption Fund programs on the Stellar Dev Discord in the not-too-distant future, so make sure to join today to be the first to hear those announcements.

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