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A developer-friendly, Rust-based smart contracts platform designed for scale and sensibility. Currently live on Testnet, Soroban seamlessly integrates with and works alongside the existing Stellar blockchain.

Start building on Soroban today with the help of established tools and documentation, or explore earning opportunities with the Soroban adoption fund programs.


Designed For

Batteries-Included Developer Experience

Designed for

With tools such as plug-and-play SDKs, Soroban CLI, RPC server, and local sandbox, Soroban provides a user-friendly experience that gets developers up and running quickly. Start building with flexible, reusable functions and ready-to-use contracts.


Designed for

Soroban is designed with scalability in mind. Boost performance with multi-core scaling, an optimized fee model, and without pesky serialization loops. Soroban also tackles the elephant in the room head-on by addressing the problem of state bloat.

Real-World Utility

Designed for

Connect to Stellar’s exceptional interoperability by accessing its wide variety of on-chain assets and worldwide on and off-ramps. Also, benefit from five-second contract finality on a proven and mature network boasting 150 TPS.


Getting started with Soroban is easy! Just install the Rust toolchain and Soroban CLI to begin writing your first Soroban smart contract. Learn more and continue building by checking out Soroban documentation.

use soroban_sdk::{contractimpl, vec, Env, Symbol, Vec};

pub struct HelloContract;

impl HelloContract {
    pub fn hello(env: Env, to: Symbol) -> Vec<Symbol> {
        vec![&env, symbol_short!("Hello"), to]


The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF)’s $100M Soroban adoption fund encourages and supports developers as they learn, experiment, build, and scale projects on Soroban. The fund is an umbrella for many programs that support all levels of Soroban adoption, some of which have launched and some of which have yet to launch.

These programs open doors for developers to become pioneers of the Soroban ecosystem by encouraging them to build the vital tools and projects that will make the platform successful.

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Community Fund


Submit your Soroban project to the Stellar Community Fund and request up to $150K worth of XLM in awards to cover 2-3 months of development costs. This is your chance to play a fundamental role in bootstrapping the Soroban ecosystem by creating the tools, protocols, dApps, and resources necessary for it to thrive.

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Soroban Quest

A series of quests designed for the beginner Soroban developer. Earn unique NFTs by completing challenges that teach you about custom types, auth storage, reverse engineering, and more, all in a Gitpod environment.