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  • Soroban-RPC is not a Horizon replacement. Horizon is better suited for historical reporting and analytics queries. Horizon is more concerned with Stellar Vanilla data.
  • Soroban-RPC should not depend on Horizon. Horizon is expensive and difficult to run, so if Soroban-RPC depended on Horizon, it would inherit that.
  • Soroban-RPC should also provide an API basis for infrastructure providers to implement, but not necessarily be an off-the-shelf solution for them.
  • Soroban-RPC is not a reporting/analytics tool and does not provide thorough historical data querying. It does not provide any data aggregation, compilations, or multi-server coordination requests.
  • Soroban-RPC does not target ultra-low latency. The latency should be low enough to build and submit successful soroban transactions, but supporting high-frequency traders is not the goal.

TODO: Decide on direct exposure support (i.e. should we support exposing soroban-rpc directly to the internet?). People will do it regardless, so it might be best to...