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Soroban-RPC can be simply described as a "live network gateway for Soroban." It provides information that the network currently has in its view (i.e. current state). It also has the ability to send a transaction to the network, and query the network for the status of previously sent transactions. It is meant to be simple, minimal, scalable, and familiar to blockchain developers from other ecosystems.

Soroban-RPC should provide all the basic data that a dapp developer would need, provided they are:

  • Only interested in current state data, or are willing to ingest events into their own infrastructure to support reporting/analytics queries.
    • Caveat: Soroban-RPC should provide enough data-retention to support reliable ingestion of events.
  • Only interested in building and submitting Soroban transactions (not Stellar Vanilla).

Soroban-RPC should support the developer from local testing (via the quickstart image), all the way through to production deployments.

  • This implies it should be easy to deploy, and easy to maintain; with low cost, and little "admin" needed.
  • The developer should be able to simply run the quickstart docker image, and quickly be ready to serve requests without needing to set up or maintain dependent infrastructure.