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Developer Tools


All tools currently listed are built and maintained by dedicated community members.

Soroban Dev

A web developer's guide to Soroban. Contains guides for learning Soroban and Rust, developer tools, example applications, and more.

Use Soroban

A web GUI for building, deploying, and testing contracts.

Soroban Copilot

A collection of no_std Rust packages focused on making Soroban development easier.

Soroban React

A simple, powerful framework for building modern Soroban dApps using React.


An IDE where you can write, deploy, and invoke contracts on the Stellar network using Soroban.


An open-source and flexible data indexer that supports both Stellar and Soroban. SubQuery allows users to build a custom API for their dapp or smart contract in minutes and provides clean indexed data to any service. You can index ledgers, transactions, operations, and effects from Stellar, and transactions and events from Soroban, into your own Postgres database. Read the quick start guide here.


Keizai is an open-source postman-inspired application, designed to simplify and elevate the testing process for developers working with Soroban smart contracts.