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Soroban on Stellar FAQ


Soroban's Stellar integration is under active-development and may change.

What is Soroban to Stellar? Is it a new blockchain?

Soroban is not a new blockchain. Soroban is a Smart contract platform that is integrated into the existing Stellar blockchain. It is an additive feature that lives alongside, and doesn't replace, the existing set of Stellar operations.

How do I invoke a Soroban contract on Stellar?

A Soroban contract can be invoked by submitting a transaction that contains the new operation: InvokeContractOp.

Can Soroban contracts use Stellar accounts for authentication?

Yes. Stellar accounts are shared with Soroban. Smart contacts have access to Stellar account signer configuration and know the source account that directly invoked them in a transaction. Check out the Auth and Advanced Auth examples for more information.

Can Soroban contracts interact with Stellar Assets?

Yes. Soroban contains a built-in token contract that is able to import a balance from a Stellar trust line into an equivalent Soroban balance and also to export it back to the Stellar trust line. Check out the built-in token for more information on token capabilities, and the token interface for building your own tokens with custom behaviors. Note 1: This means that one account can simultaneously have two balances of the same asset: once in a Stellar trust line and one in a Soroban token balance. This bears some similarity to the relationship between ETH and WETH on Ethereum.
Note 2: Tokens that have been issued on Soroban can not be exported to a Stellar trust line.

Do Issuers of Stellar Assets maintain their authorization over an asset that has been imported to Soroban? (AUTH_REQUIRED, AUTH_REVOCABLE, AUTH_CLAWBACK)

Yes. Issuers retain the same level of control on Soroban as they have on Classic . This functionality is accessible through a set of admin functions (freeze, burn) on the built in Soroban token contract.

Can Soroban contracts interact with any other Stellar operations?

No. Aside from the interactions with Accounts and Assets as mentioned above. This means that Soroban contracts can not interact with SDEX, AMMs, Claimable Balances or Sponsorships.

Does the Stellar base reserve apply to Soroban contracts?

No. Soroban has a different fee structure and ledger entries that are allocated by Soroban contracts do not add to an account's required minimal balance.

Should I issue my token as a Stellar Asset or a Soroban token?

We recommend, to the extent possible, issuing tokens as Stellar assets. These tokens will benefit from being interopable with the existing ecosystem of tools available in the Stellar ecosystem, and will be usable on Soroban through import/export functionality.

How should Wallets handle Accounts having a Stellar and Soroban balance?

Best practices are still being explored. At this time we recommend: (1) displaying separate balances for Soroban and Stellar Assets, (2) allowing users to import/export between them and (3) executing payments based on the origin: Stellar payments for trust lines and Soroban token transfers for Soroban token balances

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