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Soroban contracts are small programs written in the Rust programming language.

To build and develop contracts you need only a couple prerequisites:

Install Rust

If you use macOS, Linux, or another Unix-like OS, the simplest method to install a Rust toolchain is to install rustup. Install rustup with the following command.

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

And install the wasm32-unknown-unknown target.

rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown

If you use Windows, or need an alternative method of installing Rust, check out:

Configure an Editor

Many editors have support for Rust. Visit the following link to find out how to configure your editor:

Install the Soroban CLI

The Soroban CLI can execute Soroban contracts in the same environment the contract will execute on network, however in a local sandbox.

Install the Soroban CLI using cargo install.

cargo install --locked --version 0.0.4 soroban-cli

The soroban-cli is in early development. Report issues here.


Run the soroban-cli command and you should see output like below.

❯ soroban-cli
soroban-cli 0.0.4

soroban-cli <SUBCOMMAND>

-h, --help Print help information

invoke Invoke a contract function in a WASM file
inspect Inspect a WASM file listing contract functions, meta, etc
read Print the current value of a contract-data ledger entry
serve Run a local webserver for web app development and testing
deploy Deploy a WASM file as a contract
gen Generate code client bindings for a contract
version Print version information
completion Print shell completion code for the specified shell