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Data Providers

In order for the Stellar network to remain as open and accessible as it has always been, Soroban-related data is available through a number of channels.

Data Indexers

To power your applications, a range of data services will be available from data indexers with query interfaces. These indexers will allow you to easily store and retrieve decoded ledger data, contract event emissions, and more. You can focus more energy on making your project successful, and waste less time figuring out precisely how to get the important data from the network.

ProviderSignup / Access
GoldSkyMirror and Indexer Coming soon

Block Explorers

Block explorers exist to publicly display blockchain data in an easily digestbible way. They can be browsed with an ordinary web browser, and do not require any special developer skills to use. The block explorers available for Soroban index data related to payments, accounts, deployed contracts, transaction history, and more. The following block explorers are available for the Testnet and Futurenet (Mainnet coming with launch).

StellarExpertTestnet Explorern/a
StellarChainTestnet ExplorerFuturenet Explorer
StellarExplorerTestnet ExplorerFuturenet Explorer