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Freighter Wallet

Freighter is a browser extension wallet provided by the Stellar Development Foundation. It provides users a way to interact with Soroban tokens directly from the web browser.


  1. Install the Freighter browser extension.

  2. Create a keypair or import an existing account using a mnemonic phrase to complete setup.

  3. Next, switch to Testnet or Futurenet. Testnet is available from the network dropdown. To add Futurenet, go to Settings > Network Settings > Add a custom network. Here you can add the following Futurenet settings:

  1. If your account does not exist on the selected network, Freighter will prompt you to fund it the account using Friendbot. Alternatively, you can do so in the Stellar Laboratory.

Enable Soroban Tokens

With a funded Testnet or Futurenet account, you can now add Soroban tokens to your Freighter wallet.

  1. On the Freighter account screen, click this Manage Assets button at the bottom of the screen.

  2. You will now see a button to Add Soroban token at the bottom of the screen. Click this Add Soroban token button.

  3. On the next screen, enter the Token ID of the token you want to add to Freighter and click Add New Token.

  4. You will now see your token's balance on Freighter's account page. Clicking on the balance will show a history of payments sent using this token.

Send Token Payments

Once you have added a Soroban token to your Freighter wallet, you can now send a payment of that token directly from Freighter.

  1. On the Freighter account screen, click the Send Payment icon in the upper right of the screen.

  2. Enter a recipient public key. Click Continue.

  3. Select your token from the asset dropdown at the bottom of the screen and enter a token amount. Click Continue.

  4. Enter a memo (optional). Click Review Send.

  5. Review the details of your payment. Click Send.

Sign Soroban XDRs

With a funded Testnet or Futurenet account, you can now sign Soroban XDRs using dApps that are integrated with Freighter. An example of an integrated dApp is Stellar's Laboratory.

  1. On the Lab's transaction signer, enter a Soroban XDR into the form field.

  2. Click Sign with Freighter.

  3. Freighter will open with the details of the XDR. Click Approve to sign or Reject to dismiss without a signature.

  4. If approved, Freighter will transmit a signed XDR back to the Lab.

As a Dapp Provider, Prompt Freighter to Sign Transactions (Advanced)

If you're building a JS dapp, easily sign Soroban transactions using the Freighter browser extension and its corresponding client library @stellar/freighter-api:

  1. Follow the setup instructions above.

  2. Now, you can use the signTransaction method from @stellar/freighter-api in your dapp to sign Soroban XDRs using the account in Freighter.

  3. Upon calling signTransaction, Freighter will open and prompt the user to sign the transaction. Approving the transaction will return the signed XDR to the requesting dapp.