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Soroban Rust Auth SDK

The soroban-auth Rust crate contains the Soroban Rust Auth SDK. It provides types and utilities for authenticating participants in a variety of ways including:

  • Authenticating by being the invoker, as an transaction source account or a contract.
  • Presigned invocations with account signers or ed25519 keys, similar to EIP-2612 and EIP-712 in the Ethereum ecosystem.

If you're just starting to explore Soroban, checkout the [auth example] that uses a simpler form of invoker auth.

The Auth SDK identifies participants with the Identifier type, and participants choose how they will be authenticated by providing a Signature.

An Identifier can represent a:

  • Account ID
  • Contract ID
  • Ed25519 key

A Signature can be an:

  • Invoker — An invoking transaction source account, or an invoking contract.
  • Account – An invocation presigned with account signers.
  • Ed25519 – An invocation presigned with an ed25519 key.

Intended for use alongside the soroban-sdk.


Report issues and share feedback about the soroban-auth here.

SDK Documentation

Auth documentation is available at:

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Add soroban-auth as a Dependency

Add the following sections to the Cargo.toml to import soroban-auth.

testutils = ["soroban-auth/testutils"]

soroban-sdk = "0.2.1"
soroban-auth = "0.2.1"

soroban-sdk = { version = "0.2.1", features = ["testutils"] }
soroban-auth = { version = "0.2.1", features = ["testutils"] }