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soroban-cli allows you to interact with deployed contracts, set different identities to sign with, set different networks, and generate new keys.

Generate a new identity

The easiest way to get started is to generate a new identity:

soroban config identity generate alice

This will generate a new seed phrase for the identity alice.

soroban config identity ls

Should output


Now this identity can be referenced when using other commands. For example,

soroban contract invoke --id 10 --identity alice --fn hello -- ..

The contract subcommand

All commands that relate to interactions with a contract are organized under the contract subcommand.

soroban contract --help


Tools for smart contract developers

soroban contract <SUBCOMMAND>

-h, --help Print help information

bindings Generate code client bindings for a contract
deploy Deploy a contract
inspect Inspect a WASM file listing contract functions, meta, etc
install Install a WASM file to the ledger without creating a contract instance
invoke Invoke a contract function
optimize Optimize a WASM file

Invoking a function with arguments

Since each contract has its xdr definition embedded in the binary, it is possible to dynamically generate a custom CLI for each contract function.

Anything after the -- is parsed as arguments to the function... and it even includes a help page!

soroban contract invoke --id 10 --identity alice --fn hello -- --help

Arguments as flags‚Äč

Each argument to the contract function is parsed as flags. For example:

soroban contract invoke --id 10 --identity alice --fn hello -- --to world

Would pass world to the hello function.